When Unexpected Things Happen In Your Life

Good things definitely comes to those who wait. But not all the time, because in my case, I worked hard for it, and I think really do deserve it.

Last Thursday, October 16, 2014, I received a text message from Ms. Marga, an HR from Deloitte, telling me that I am qualified to be an intern on their Auditing Firm. I was so happy after hearing the good news. But let me tell you something, prior to receiving that unexpected text, I was actually doubtful that they will get me.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014, I recieved a text from Ms. Marga asking us for an interview on Wednesday. I was actually anxious and nervous as to what they might ask me during the interview. And to think that there’s also an examination prior to the interview. I wanted to prepare so bad, but I got home at 11pm and then before I knew it, I fell asleep. Boom. Come Wednesday, I got up, prepared for our event and went to school in the morning. Then I searched some thing about Deloitte or what to expect on my job. I had it all saved on my phone but because of our event, I wasn’t even able to read it. Right after our event, I went back home to change clothes, get my papers and voila, we headed straight to BGC. Mind you, going to BGC from Morayta is so tiring and hassle. To think that we need to ride LRT, MRT and lastly bus.

We finally arrived 10 mins late, but then Ms. Marga was so accomodating and understanding that she really did wait for us before distributing the examination papers to all of the aspirng interns. And when I got the paper, fck, it’s all about grammar, vocabulary and something related to English! There’s even an essay part with three questions. I really like writing but that moment, my mind is off somewhere, I couldn’t even think straight! There was a question asking about a novel/movie/television program or any literary works that had inspired me. Of course I watch movies, but the last time I was inspired because of a movie was years ago. And I couldn’t even think of a beautiful movie to write there. All I could think of was The Fault in Our Stars and If I Stay, but then I’m not really familiar with those movies and so I chose to write A Walk to Rememember, my all time favorite movie.

During the interview, I was told that it won’t be the typical kind of interview, And yes it wasn’t. I was even told that I can even speak in Filipino English, but it would be better to talk straight English, and so before I knew it, I was only talking in Filipino. Boom. My worst nightmare ever. After the interview, I lost hope that I would get the internship position because I felt like I didn’t impress the Mr. Youseff, the HR who interviewed me. So for days, I was actually thinking of the possibility that I might not get the slot, but then I got it. Unexpectedly.

So to all those who feel like they giving up on something because they think it’s unreachable or they can’t do it, don’t you ever give up! Everything happens for a reason. And if you really want something, go for it!

I’m so excited to start my internship! Yehey!

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