Trip To Verona!

This is Verona!  I was mesmerized by this pathway, whatever you call it. It is so cute. Especially the clock!

this is a view of the city.

so classic.

I can’t remember what’s this.

It’s the statue Vittorio Emanuele something.

Just the plaza.

Oh, I can’t read this clearly, but I think that on the left side represents Verona.

I took a snap of the sky. It’s beautiful right? I love clouds, I love looking at the sky whenever we travel and whenever I feel lonely and alone

I thought I was in Egypt or something but I was only in Verona.

It’s like the Colliseum in Rome but no it’s not.

It’s a carabao’s head?

So, who would have thought that this is a church? Yes, it is.

It’s the lake of Garda. It was raining so hard the day I captured this photo.

This is the whole body view of the church that at first doesn’t look like one!

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