Trekking at Masungi Georeserve

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I was never a fan of outdoor activities like trekking or jogging or running, but I do admit I like walking, so when I decided to invite my friends to go to Masungi Georeserve, I was expecting I would be ready for it (but still I wasn’t!).

Masungi Georeserve became a famous tourist spot recently because of IG posts, blogger reviews, wheninmanila and even rappler’s posts about it. Many are attracted to what it offers, although it gets really difficult to reserve a schedule. Unlike others, you can’t just walk-in and expect to get a slot to visit the place. It doesn’t work that way. Either you reserve directly on their website and check their availability or book with a travel agency which offers a more expensive price than the first option. For reservation, go to their website directly: Masungi Georeserve

Anyway, we gather around 5 am at SM Megamall and went to Masungi. At around 7 we already arrived in Tanay. We actually get lost, and since there is no sign around the area that we had actually arrived at the right place, we thought that maybe we were still not there and drove ahead until we realized we were actually lost. And when we got there, we were scolded by the staff and told us that we are already late. Thing is, no one advised us to be there at least 30 minutes before our scheduled time. And their instructions were unclear.

Truth is, we didn’t expect that there are a lot of groups they can accomodate per day. We thought that the slots are every after an hour, but it turned out that they have group tour schedule every 30 minutes! That’s the reason why each group should be there 30 minutes before so that at exactly 7:00 am, say 7:00 am is your schedule, you will start your trail.

What to expect? What to do?

Rate is now P1,400 per person.

Trail duration is around 3-4 hours depending on the group ahead of you. Some groups maximize the number of people the tour can accomodate, so if the group ahead of yours has a total number of 14 people, then expect that your trail will be longer. A tour guide or what they call park ranger will guide you all throughout and explain things about Masungi. Just a friendly tip, please do not be too noisy when visiting Masungi, because when we spoke with our park ranger, he told us that if a guest is too noisy, someone will radio him (or whatever you call it) and then there will be a deduction on their compensation (which btw, is not even above the minimum salary @provincial rate). So please be mindful of your noise. I know it’s inevitable especially if you are joining a tour with people you don’t even know, but just remember that someone will be affected by it.

Wear light clothes. You can still wear shorts or even sando, whatever suits you and makes you comfortable.

2 Bottled water, light stringbag where you can put your stuff and water (this should be returned at the end of the trail), helmet (lots of colors to choose from, I chose pink!), snacks composed of sandwich of your choice (you can choose what kind of sandwich when you make the reservation directly at the website), water infused with green leaves (haha! I don’t know what it’s called!), and a banana. Our park ranger told us that they are about to offer other freebies soon like umbrella. Sayang, because during our visit, it’s not yet offered. How soon is soon? No idea, but expect it maybe next year or before 2016 ends.

Restroom. Your park ranger will inform you that there won’t be any more restroom ahead when you start the trail, so it’s better to pee at that moment. They have a separate restroom for drivers located at the parking area in which no guests can use. Our park ranger said that they prohibited guests from using that because some guests get disappointed on it. So they had a separate restroom for guests’ use near the visitors shed. The only problem is that there are times water is scarce in the area.

As I said earlier, be there at least 30 minutes before your actual schedule. 

Take note of the exact location of Masungi. Kilometer 45, Marcos Highway, Rizal, Philippines. Kilometer 45 would be your indication that you already reach the place, it can be seen on the right side of the road. How to go here? I actually don’t know the instructions if you are to commute, but I won’t suggest that. Hassle kasi!

No telecom signal at Masungi. I don’t know if Smart users also experience this, but there’s none for Globe. So better text your loved ones before reaching Km 45. This is also the reason why they don’t give contact numbers to reach out (because you won’t be able to!).

Bring extra clothes! :)

Experience Masungi

When we got there, we first log in our names on their logbook then proceeded to the parking area and walked towards the visitors shed. Each group are directed towards their own visitor shed so that the park rangers could brief the instructions and give the complimentary kit. I was actually carrying a stringbag before, but because our park ranger told us that bags will be given at the briefing part, and that only light things should be carried, we ended up leaving ours. As it turned out, you can actually use your own bag, at your own risk (if you carry a lot of things, of course, since it is a 3-4 hours of trail). Anyway, also at this part, you will pay for the trail fee.

Then off we go to start our trail.


First stop is here at Sapot (Web) where you can get to view the Laguna de Bay, the biggest lake in the Philippines. You might want to maxmize your time and take lots of picture here especially because you don’t look haggard in here, yet.

Inside Yungib ni Ruben

Ditse, Patak and others.

Ditse at the background
Airhouse at the background
View with Duyan visible at the left side of the pic.


Then finally, Duyan.

You might think it’s pretty cool having a picture taken at this Duyan, but truth is, it’s the most challenging, for me, walking in this giant duyan.

The struggle is real.


Is one of the two peaks there is in Masungi. It is also the tallest among the two. When we were here, we can see the group (1 batch after us) where my friend had a crush on, then they waved at us from Ditse.


Nanay is the second peak after Tatay. It is also one of the most enjoyable trails. Maybe because I had enough rest here than the other trails (yep, I get tired easily).

Posing at Nanay, and one of my favorite shots!

You can see Tatay from Nanay’s POV as seen in this picture.

Before heading to Liwasan, we passed by this bridge.

Tatay’s peak on the right side of the above photo, while on the left side of below photo is Nanay’s peak.

Liwasan. Before going to the visitor shed (different from the first one since snacks will be given here), you will pass by at this valley-like area. Then after eating your snacks, you will pass by here again going back to the initial visitor shed to return the kits.

As soon as we head back to the parking area, it started to rain. But I guess it won’t cause much delay to the treck as I was browing other guests’ IG posts and saw that they are wearing a raincoat (probably given by Masungi).

Overall, it was a tiring yet fun activity! Also an accomplishment for me since it is my first time to finish a trek! You will surely love visiting Masungi. It’s for every one, even for the less active. Just expect a lot of short breaths in between your walk just like I did (yep, not the healthiest one right now, lol) but still I did finish it, so can you!

Have you been to Masungi? What’s your favorite part? Share below. :)






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