Change The Way You See Friendship


Friendship knows no distance, and even if you’re miles apart, you know you will always have a special connection that no one can take away from you. I met Junli when I was a freshman in high school. I was waiting outside my new school when a pretty Chiness girl with black, long  hair approached me. I always describe her that way. Anyway, she asked me about my name and what class I was. After that, we instantly became close friends. Being away from the Philippines and staying in Italy, I never had a chance to be friends with anyone […]

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Change the Way You See Adventure

  I am not the most adventurous person among our friends, and I always admit it. But that doesn’t mean I say no to adventure. Why? Just two months ago, I went trekking with my friends from work and it was the best adventure experience ever! You might say “so what? I’ve seen more adventures than just trekking you’re telling me.” But then isn’t it considered adventure if you doing something unusual than that of you always do? Truth is, I tried trekking twice, same place, but I didn’t reach the top on both times. So I told myself, the […]

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