Samal Island

Going to Samal Island is definitely a must-do when you go to Davao City, regardless whether you only have 2-day vacation just like we had, or more. And it’s definitely okay to stay in a cheap accommodation when in Samal because there are lots of things to do there. To give you an idea, here are some of the things we wanted to do/see:

In the South area:

  1. Go to Talicud Island and enjoy the white beach. Our tourist guide (sorry I forgot his name), told us that the beaches there are the best in the area.
  2. Kaputian Beach Park which is the gateway to Talicud Island.

In the North part:

  1. Monfort Bat Cave
  2. Vanishing Island – according to research, this is really a must-see when in Samal. We were not able to go here even though we wanted so much because we had already spent money on unnecessary things when we were in Davao City.

In Central area:

  1. Taclobo Sanctuary. Taclobo means giant clam.
  2. Hagimit Falls
  3. Maxima Aqua Fun

Check out this map posted on our accommodation, La Vida Orchard to guide you on your Samal Adventure.

My sister and I, for this trip, decided to try out something new, something different from what we usually do, and that was to stay in a cheaper place and not a hotel (mainly because we were keeping track of our spendings).

 La Vida Orchard Samal is located at Catagman, Samal Island. It is a bed and breakfast type of accomodation. They have rooms good for 2-4 people with own bathrooms, or the dorm type which of course, have a common restroom. We stayed there for the night and just a friendly tip, if you are going in Samal alone, I suggest you come while there is still Mr. Sunlight out there as streetlights are lacking in the island. At night, the only mode of transportation available is the habal-habal (riding in the motorcycle).

You can also cook if you want. Another tip: whenever you travel, make sure to at least bring some biscuits in case of emergencies.

This area serves as their reception and also dining area. The place has a home-y vibes for me.

Since we only have a half day to tour the island and need to go back to Davao City before or after lunch time, we decided to just go and see Hagimit Falls and Taclobo Sanctuary.


We left La Vida Orchard, I think around 7:45 am and arrived at Hagimit Falls by 8 am. We paid 5 pesos each for environmental fee, and 20 pesos each for the entrance fee.

After walking for 5 minutes, we finally reached Hagimit Falls.

We only wanted to take pictures but the kuyas (and I forgot their names, as usual) who act like a life guard or something in the area, told us to swim as well if we wanted to take pictures. And so, they accompanied us and took our pictures instead. (which I don’t have a copy on my laptop as of the moment).

After Hagimit Falls, we went straight in Taclobo, which is half an hour away from where we were.

Share your thoughts below if you also want to go to Samal Island. :)


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