Metrodeal: Pacific Pensionne Review

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For the sake of saving money, I checked Metrodeals’ website and saw a promo of Pacific Pensionne located in Cebu. The promo only costs P1900 good for 2 people for 3D/2N stay! I was hesitant to try it at first since I was not able to search for a review about the accomodation on the internet, but still, I opted to try it.

When we arrived at the airport and got a cab, the driver told us where exactly the location of Pacific Pensionne, because apparently there are two buildings, one at the downtown area and one at the uptown, near Crown Regency Hotel. This should be cleared in their website to avoid confusion to travelers especially those who travel late at night.

This is their ongoing promo

  • Stay for 3 days, 2 nights at Pacific Pensionne in Cebu, with any of the following deals:
    • Premiere Room (Single) for 1 person for P850 instead of P1700
    • Premiere Room (Double) for 2 persons for P950 instead of P1900
    • Family A Room (Triple) for 3 persons for P1350 instead of P2700
    • Family B Room  (Triple) for 4 persons for P1550 instead of P3100
  • Pacific Pensionne assures a good mix of quality basic accommodation and warm Filipino hospitality
  • All rooms are fully airconditioned with private toilet and bathrooms
  • Features a business center, the Pacific Cafe, secure basement parking area, and 24-hour security
  • Includes use of hotel’s facilities

For sure, even other people would be tempted to try it out just to save some money, even with the lack of hotel reviews available.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted alright, but the rooms assigned to us are in the 4th floor, which my aunt complained because there are no elevators in the hotel. But I guess, since we availed a Metrodeal promo which is why we need to stay at the top floor. What added to my dismay is that the air con was not even functioning well. Even though we asked them to fix it, they won’t even give us a remote for A/C. That’s the first ever hotel which does not have a remote on their A/C and we could not even increase or decrease the temperature unless a staff would go upstairs to adjust the temperature. In the end, we had no choice but to sleep sweating. Fans are way better than the A/C.

At least they had provided us 2 sachet of shampoo, 2 tiny soaps and 2 towels. The bed is not really comfortable to sleep in and so are the pillows. Their meals are also expensive, yes I know it’s a pensionne house, but the serving should at least compromise the price, which it did not. 90 pesos for one small longganisa and rice, and coffee.

Here’s another thing I didn’t like at the hotel. We are supposed to be staying there for 3D/2N, and we only had slept for one night. The next day, after we roam around Cebu City, our room keys won’t function at all. I thought I was swiping the key the wrong way, but my aunt also can’t enter their room. As it turned out, our card has expired without someone notifying us the night we checked in that the room cards/key provided will expire so we should hand it over again to the reception. NO ONE TOLD US THAT, OKAY?

Overall, our stay there was not really good. Will I even recommend it? No. It’s not an excuse that we availed of Metrodeal’s promo that we should be treated less than others who paid directly at the hotel. Although we didn’t experience their staff having some attitude towards us, I still would not recommend staying there. Most of all, I’m not gonna buy again a voucher at Metrodeal.




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