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It’s been a while since we had a girls gala after graduation and we’ve decided to go to Maginhawa. Well, actually I don’t suggest going there during the weekends since a lot of students go there and the shops will really tend to get crowded.

We wanted to go to Harry Potter-themed style coffee shop but the queue was so long we just try other cafes around the area.

First stop: Big B, a must try when you’re in Maginhawa! I think there’s also a branch along UST. Anyway, please do try this. The resto is located near the Icecreamist.




The number one rule when you’re here is to not count calories! HAHA. (okay I just made that but seriously don’t!)

Our next stop was Antiteasis. They have board games for you to play at whenever you’re bored or just read some books to kill time. But I didn’t like their drinks. So yeah, we just played board games while we’re there.


Our Maginhawa trip that day was not the way we had expected it. Riding tricycle is a must since the restaurants and coffee shops are located all throughout the looooong street of Maginhawa. HAHA.



I didn’t have the time to take lots of picture since I was not in the mood to take pics (at that time).




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