IHOP Experience @BGC

Hi there!

While I was talking with my friend about food, of course, she told me about IHOP’s promo and how she wanted to eat pancakes at that moment. I told my co-workers about this, and lucky enough, there’s a branch around BGC (of course it’s BGC, you could expect almost anything there, haha!)

Today is actually the last day of IHOP’s latest 3-day promo for their Original Buttermilk Pancakes priced at P25.00 per stack (stacks available for order are for 2 stacks and 4 stacks only). That’s quite a catch knowing that the regular price for 2-stack is P195. So we tried it ourselves.


Me and my friends all ordered a 4-stack Original Buttermilk  Pancake but please do just order a 2-stack as it would already suffice and order other foods and drink like coffee. HAHA!

Ms. Nikki decided to treat us since we were teasing her to treat us.

And a quick snap before leaving IHOP.

I actually didn’t quite enjoy my IHOP experience because we weren’t really talking at all. My co workers are all busy with their phones or maybe just pissed off with the fact that we were dining there during office hours! Blame it all to the long queue line where we have waited for approx. 30 minutes to be seated. But all is well. Pancake craving is out of the cravings list for this month.



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