Gardaland Experience!

From Verona we went to Peschiera del Garda, the town where Gardaland is located. The weather isn’t as good as we thought it would be. Since it is already summer, we thought that it would be as sunny as the normal summer days but we’re wrong! But I still liked our trip even though it rained so hard.

 Welcome to Gardaland! If you will be going here, you should definitely have a snap shot on this spot to have a proof that you’ve been to Gardaland! 😀

Every time I go to amusement parks I would always ride carousels! And who says it’s only for kids? Nah-ah. Kids, teens or even adults can enjoy this ride! Also for a not so-romantic person like me!!!

I took a snapshot of the sky as we enter Gardaland. I’m always fascinated on capturing different looks and angles of the sky, I guess! Look how the weather is earlier.

Posing near a talking tree. Yes, you’ve read it right! This tree here can actually murmur something. Hmmm.

Yes, I feel like a child again! Free from stress! Young, wild and free!

You should definitely try the SpongeBob 4D experience even if you’re not a fan of the famous cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. It was my first time having a 4D experience and it was awesome! In 3D you already feel like you’re there in the movie but with 4D, it’s much more than just being there. You can also experience what they are experiencing like for example the spraying of water all over your face. It was so much fun. This is my favourite part of our carnival experience, no doubt about it! Thumbs up SpongeBob!

I bought my top on Oviesse just because it was on sale! Haha. The jeans I’m wearing is one of my fav from JAG. I just bought new eyeglasses and I think it’s pretty cool and girly which suits me very well. I love pink!



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