Davao City Day 1: Jack’s Ridge, Eden’s Nature Park, Philippine Eagle Center

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Hi there! Just 3 days after my sister got married, we went to Davao to have a little bonding that, for sure, I will totally miss. Anyway, it’s both our first time to go to Mindanao and the lucky destination is Davao. We, rather, she already made an itinerary out of the limited time that we have in the city: 2 days and 1 night to be exact. As we arrived at Davao City around 10 am, and undecided as to what mode of transportation to take due to lack of research, we finally decided to book a grabtaxi with no […]

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Books Actually Singapore


As I was searching for some places to visit during my stay at Singapore, I come across with Books Actually. Truth is, when I was looking around various bookstores around my workplace, I’ve noticed that they don’t really sell a lot of good books to read. And then when I found out about Books Actually, I wanted to go there right away. Books Actually(est. 2005) is an independent bookstore specializing in Fiction and Literature. This includes Poetry, Essays, Literary Journals, alongside obscure, critical works and antique/rare editions. We also stock titles from various subjects we like: History, Biography, Current Affairs, Human Sciences, Math/Natural […]

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Singapore Art Museum for FREE!

Hi there! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always fond of museums, I don’t know why, but if given a chance to go into a new place, I would search for museums first. The thing is, not everyone has the same passion as I am, and it’s kind of difficult to find someone who would want to go with me. Or well, I did find people who share the same passion, but it’s either they already went in the museum I was eyeing for, or they want to go with their “the ones”. Anyway, whenever I got free time (lunch break), […]

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Trick Eye Museum Singapore


Hi there! Going to museums has always been my favorite. Although I’m not really that artistic, I find it peaceful going to such places. Anyway, museums shouldn’t be always labelled as boring because, well, they are absolutely not! But I know we are all different people with different preferences so if going to museums bores you,  at least you should try and go to Trick Eye Museum! According to their website, The name, Trick Eye, comes from the shortened form of the term ‘Trick of the Eye’. It refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images. […]

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Hong Kong

hi there! So I’ve always wanted to travel abroad with my buddies and that time finally came this month! We already planned about this trip way, way back. But after being employed at Deloitte, I never thought I would still be going there. haha!  And just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to come, days before the flight, my manager approved my so-called vacation leave and hurray I can enjoy with my friends. When I told my dad I’m going via taxi to the airport, he presented himself to fetch me instead. So my dad fetch me and went […]

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