Backpacking in Cebu: DIY Day 1


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This year is definitely a year of travelling all across the Philippines, whether it’s in Luzon (Tanay), Mindanao (Davao) and now Visayas! I must tick that off my bucket list now. Anyway, me and my aunt together with her husband and son, went to Cebu last week. I purchased tickets via Cebu Pacific’s year-round airfare promo. Unlike my other travels, this time it’s different since we actually chose Clark International Airport as our point of origin and because it’s near Nueva Ecija, our province.

We left Nueva Ecija at around 6:30 PM even though our flight is scheduled on 9:00 PM. When we arrived at the airport, we were the last ones to board the plane. After 2 hours of travel we reached our destination and hired a grabtaxi (thankful there’s grab in Cebu!) going to Pacific Pensionne. Our driver was asking us if where exactly it is located because apparently, there are now two Pacific Pensionne in Cebu, one in downtown Cebu and one in the uptown area. He then told us that it’s better if we go to the one located in uptown because it’s kinda scary already in the downtown area as that part is dark and shady, I guess. So guys, I suggest you get a hotel in the uptown area. (Tip! Downtown area is the one which is near all the tourist spots you will see when you have your Heritage tour or walking tour in Cebu). We finally arrived at the hotel safe. It was not what I was expecting, but still okay because we all just wanted to have a good night sleep, which we didn’t get.

The next morning, instead of finding a place to eat outside the Pensionne house, we opted to try their menu at the cafeteria. The food is okay, but the price doesn’t match with their servings. HAHA!

For this trip, I planned to go first in Fort San Pedro, then walk towards Magellan’s Cross, and your usual tourist spots, but my aunt said that we should first go to the Church to start our Sunday. So we rode a jeep going to Sto. Nino church just in front of Magellan’s Cross.

Pathway to Magellan’s Cross
Inside Sto. Nino Basilica church’s premises in which the mass was held in this open area.

Magellan’s Cross
Magellan’s cross is actually inside this cross made of  Tindalo wood.

After the mass we walked towards Fort San Pedro. On our way, we saw this Islands Souvenirs store and a sign “I <3 CEBU” in front of it.

Finally, after 10 minutes of walking, we reached Plaza Independencia, and Fort San Pedro. There’s an entrance fee of P50.00 for adults and P40.00 for students.

Outside Fort San Pedro

Then our next destination was the Cebu Heritage Monument and Yap Ancestral House.

Then off we went to Taoist Temple. This is a must-see tourist spot in Cebu. The view is amazing and it’s very scenic and quiet. The only downside is that it’s hard to get a taxi to go back to the city so you might as well download grab and make sure you have an internet connection, or just rent a cab for one whole day. By the way, there’s no entrance fee in Taoist Temple.

Next is Butterfly Garden. But mind you, there’s not much to see here aside from dead butterflies, it’s also far from the other tourist spots and an entrance fee of P50 for students.

We went back to the hotel to sleep, and after that, we walked towards the pasalubong shop near Larsian. And had dinner at Larsian, which you must not miss when in Cebu.

Overall, our Day 1 was not as planned as I thought it is, we skipped some places to visit because I thought DIY tour is for us, as it turns out, I learned that when I’m with family, it’s better to join a tour to maximize our day.




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