Blog whatever you want. You can care less about what other people say to you. but don’t get offended easily. Allow them too to express their feelings. Listen to them. So that they’ll listen to you too.

Everyday we meet new people, new faces, new characters, different types of them. But there are only a few people who really mark in our hearts, who we’ll never forget, they are our friends.

I can’t stay alone. I’m always have something to say. I get scared just thinking about being alone, not having friends, not having someone to share your thoughts with, not having someone to laugh with. It’s scary.

But what’s more scary is, having fake friends.

So, I’d rather be alone than have people by my side who talk behind my back and say awful things about me when I’m not with them.

If you hate me then fine. But I can’t stand having someone who hates me.

One thing I can’t tolerate is lying. Even if sometimes I’m lying too, but I hate it. So I hate myself for lying.

And say I LOVE YOU to a person you really love. SORRY and THANK YOU, just say it when you really mean it.

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