A hidden paradise in Batangas: Masasa Beach.

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Hi there!

Last week, me and a friend wanted to go to the beach so bad that instead of going to Tagaytay (our initial plan for the weekend), we ended up going to Masasa Beach. Maybe, not all of you have heard the name of the beach, or where it is located. The beach is actually found in Batangas, and it’s not a usual puntahan of people unlike the famous beaches in the province like Nasugbu or Laiya.

We left my dorm at aroung 6:30 am and took an fx going to Taft, from Taft, we ride a bus going to Grand Terminal (I forgot what’s the bus company name is tho) and after almost two hours of travel, we have finally arrived in the Grand Terminal (which at first we didn’t know that we were already there and it was not the last stop of the bus). For everyone who is not familiar with Batangas, just make sure that you always ask the conductor, or even your seatmate, or the people in front of you, for directions. Then you will need to take a jeepney going to Anilao port, travel time is approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the traffic (yep, even provinces are not excused from traffic!). Upon arriving at Anilao port, go to where people are usually headed. There will be people lining to sign up a paper, asked if it is going to Tingloy Island and sign up your name as well. This is mandatory and you cannot skip this step before boarding the boat because it is a requirement for the boatmen and I guess for safety measures and counting of passengers. Boats usually leave from 6 am to 10:30 am, but if there are a lot of tourists, sometimes there are also boats leaving the port until 1 pm. But just to be sure, you need to be there as early as 9 am. There are also boats going directly at Masasa beach, but they leave only around 1:30 pm, and I’m not sure if it’s every day scenario or just for summer time or I don’t know. So it’s better to just board the Tingloy-bound boats. Travel time is around 40 minutes. From the Tingloy port, you can either stay at Tingloy or go camping at Masasa beach, since there are really no cottages in the area.

In our case, we were really not expecting to stay overnight, and we thought that a day tour is possible. Although it is possible if you have lots of money or you are a group of 5 or more because you need to rent a private boat to return in Anilao port. Boats only leave Tingloy port in the morning from 6 am to 9 am, unless you hire a private boat, then you can leave anytime.


Luckily, prior to going here, my friend took a screenshot of a blog where there is also a number of where the blogger went to for homestay in Tingloy. So we decided to call the number and it just so happened that the owner of the boat we were boarding in, who is a councilor in Tingloy, is also the owner of the homestay. But since we didn’t have any reservation and all was left in their home was in the terrace area, we grabbed it instead of not having some place to sleep at all.

I was actually mesmerized already that even the seawater by the port is so blue, I wanted to jump right away, but we needed a place to stay first. So, yes, we went to Konsehal Florencio. Their place is very near the port, you can actually walk going there, or well, in our case we took a trike since we are not familiar with the place yet. But in case you want to just walk and save 20 pesos, then here’s an instruction going to their place. From the port, go straight to the Welcome to Tingloy sign, then turn right, after that turn left to the next street, and walk straight until you reach the basketball court. There’s a little street at the back of the court, just walk straight there until you reach another left turn, then at the end of the street is their cuteeee home.

Rates per head is P200.00. They also offer tent rentals for 200 pesos also, if you wanna go camping at Masasa Beach. Although we wanted to go camping, we decided not to. First is because, there are no restrooms in Masasa, so if we wanted to pee or poop or take a shower, we need to go back to their home which is around 10 minutes far from the beach. Then we need to pay for 100 pesos for shower. Second is we were not really prepared for it. We don’t have enough food, water, flashlights, or whatsover is needed for camping. So we opted not to.

When we were already settled and ate lunch, we headed to the beach right away. Anyway, before going there, and maybe some of you have already read, it is really not easy going there. You need to trek for at least 10 minutes.


It is a long walk indeed.


That last post was our point of origin. HAHA

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And so we decided to take pictures, first.

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I told my friend I can already smell the beach from afar, and she just kept laughing about it. I don’t know why, but maybe because I’m really a beach lover and used to going to the beach since I was a kid, that my nose got used to the smell of the beach. Anyway, lots of campers are already in the area, usually they stayed either on the other side of the seaside (the one near the big rock), or the other side. No one even swims in the middle (fronting the entrance to the beach) so me and my friend, decided to stay there. Please do not wear to wear sunblock because there really are no shades by the beach.

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Since the boat was already broken, we decided to mark it out as our territory, char! and it was our “cottage” for the next hours.
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Excuse my not so prepared-face. But look at all our spaces!!! HAHAHA. The water is so clear, I thought I was in a swimming pool, except, of course, that the water is salty.
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You can see all the tents on my background.

Although, there are a lot of campers in the beach, it is not as crowded as other beaches in Batangas.

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View of Masasa beach from the top.
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That mandatory back shot from the top of the giant rock.


our merienda and my travel companion. :)


Overall, this summarizes our Masasa Trip.

Detailed list of expenses per head below:

P120.00 – snacks I bought the day before (my friend insisted me to treat her because she treated me last time)

P 40.00 – breakfast

P 35.00 – lunch (yes we already bought lunch)

P 25.00 – fx from Morayta to Buendia

P157.00 – bus from Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal

P 37.00 – jeep from Grand Terminal to Anilao Port

P 65.00 – boat ride from Anilao Port to Tingloy Port

P 10.00 – tricycle from Tingloy Port going to our homestay

P200.00 – homestay rent

P 15.00 – tricycle to Masasa

P 14.00 – sprite

P 15.00 – ice cream

P 20.00 – tricycle from Masasa to homestay

P 60.00 – dinner

P 65.00 – boat ride to Anilao Port

P 30.00 – Batangas (diversion)

P  7.00 – jeep to Grand Terminal

P 50.00 – lunch

P 10.00 – CR

P 70.00 – load

P157.00 – bus to Buendia

P 25.00 – fx to Morayta

Total expenses: P1,119.00


By the way, we had lunch at JDM restaurant near the basketball court, they also offer rooms for rent at 250 per head. The good thing here is that you have your own CR per room. Maximum of 3 person per room. The only downside is that lights are turned off from 12 midnight to 6 am (or maybe 7 am), when we left our homestay, there were no lights yet, and that was around 5:40 am. Anyway here’s the contact number of Konsehal Florencio: 09053078654/09178414715 or JDM Resto: 09186427919/09279687259. It’s better if prior to going there, you already have a place to stay.


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